Artificial or Live Christmas Trees, which to choose?

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Besides the usual questions of what to gift your friends and family, who’s hosting the party, and what to wear during the christmas party, another question to ask yourself this season: Artificial or Live Christmas Trees, which to choose? It’s always a question of whether to stick to the tradition of getting live christmas trees or keep up with the times and try artificial christmas trees. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, but to help guide you in your decision, here’s a few things we love about each christmas tree and what they bring for the festive season ahead! 


Live Christmas Trees

live christmas tree


Christmas comes with its own bouquet of seasonal scents, but nothing beats the smell of fresh pine needles. The natural woody musk of a freshly cut Christmas tree brings so much joy and nostalgia during the festive season. 

They’re Biodegradable and Recyclable

They can be repurposed into mulch, instead of going to waste once the Christmas season is over. They’re a sustainable crop like any other natural crop. Fun fact: To protect the climate, Christmas tree farmers make sure that the planting and harvesting are balanced. They plant at least one new tree for every real Christmas tree they harvest.


Artificial Christmas Trees:

artificial christmas tree


If budget is a main concern, just think about the fact that you can reuse the artificial christmas tree for the next year and even the subsequent years after that. That’s a lot of money you’re saving! It’s a much better choice in the economical sense because you won’t have to keep repurchasing one as each year passes. All you have to do with an artificial tree is to store it and box it up, so it’s ready for use again. The branches are hinged to the framework of the solid centre, which makes them very easy to fold and pack for the next festive season to come.

No-Mess and No-Maintenance

Live Christmas Trees may be the more glamorous choice but behind it there is also a lot of maintenance and things to tend to on a daily basis such as the watering, sweeping, and trimming. Choosing artificial christmas trees removes the hassle of those and you won’t need to lug it around to the recycling area after Christmas ends. 

Easy to customise

Real trees come with all their imperfections, which some people love, but others prefer the perfect symmetry of an artificial tree. Ordering an artificial tree allows you to customise it the way you like it. Whether you like the look of a tall and lean tree, or a short and stout one, artificial trees offer whatever you need and give you the freedom to choose what you like. 



There’s no wrong or right choice in deciding which type of Christmas Tree to choose. Ultimately it is entirely up to your personal preference. Live Christmas trees may be your preferred choice due to the environmental factors involved, the smell, and the traditional aspect behind it. Likewise, artificial trees might be more to your liking because of the hassle-free maintenance, reusability and customisability. Whichever it is, any christmas tree is sure to bring lots of smiles and happiness into your household. 


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