How to choose a Christmas Tree theme for your Home?

Choosing the right christmas tree

Selecting a Christmas tree each year is an annual tradition for many of us. The Christmas Tree itself is the focal point for decorations and festivities during the festive season. Many of us go for the same type of Christmas tree each year, but did you know that there are actually many other options that are available? 

Often, it can be daunting when faced with the dilemma of selecting a tree when they all look very similar visually, but different types of Christmas trees do have their individual merits. 

That said, it’ll be a very important job to invest in the correct Christmas tree for your house! We’ve come up with a comprehensive guide to help you select the best Christmas Tree for your home. 

decorated christmas tree

Measure Your Space

Before making your purchase, it’s important to ensure you know the amount of space available to where you’d like to place your christmas tree. From there it will make the selection of trees a lot easier on your end. You can assign a margin of at least 10 cm on both sides of the tree (left and right) when it is mounted in your house. The simplest way to do this will be to use a measuring tape to horizontally measure your usable room and subtract (10 cm x 2) 20 cm away. Getting at least 15cm between the top of your tree and the ceiling is a good rule of thumb. This also includes the topper or any decorative stand which adds height to the tree. The shape of the tree should generally give you an idea of how much room it takes up. If you have a spacious area, you can opt for a wider, fuller tree, and if not you can try a narrow, slim one if your space is limited. 


For cost reasons, more people are opting to invest in artificial Christmas trees instead of the live trees. Over a ten year period, the cost of replacing a live Christmas tree every year adds up to three times more the cost of getting a single artificial Christmas tree that you can reuse up to 10 years or more. With this convenience of artificial trees, the question of durability comes into play. How certain are you that your tree is of quality assurance? Some trees are designed with hinged branches that can fan in and out for quick set-up and storage that may cause wear and tear with repeated hinging. Some adopt an umbrella concept which allows for easier unraveling. It’s important to consider these factors to check the durability of the tree. 

Choosing Your Tree Based On Your Decoration Theme

Warm Theme

warm theme

For warmer tones such as gold, red, burgundy or brown, a darker christmas tree would be the more suitable option. If your home has more warm colours, choose golds and reds for decorations rather than icy white and silver.

Cool Theme

cool theme

If the space is cool and sleek, choose decorations that are also sleek and sophisticated. Cooler tones such as blue and silver would look better with a lighter green Christmas tree. Following the vibe and feel from your home interior makes for a harmonious decor and consistent looking Christmas theme.

Monochromatic Color Theme

monochromatic theme

A monochromatic colour theme doesn’t mean that everything has to be the same colour. select items in many shades of your chosen colour. For example, if you’d like a red theme, you can go along the different hues of red starting from the pink end and moving towards fuchsia, rose, cherry, ruby and maroon. Depending on your colour choice, and the tone of it, you can choose either a darker or lighter christmas tree accordingly. 


Different Types of Artificial Trees

1. Fraser Fir

fraser fir artificial christmas tree

Add a rustic mountain chic to your holiday celebrations with Fraser Fir trees. Multi toned with its dark green tips and silver undersides, its branches are moulded to replicate the exact growth patterns, cascading branches, and fine, soft green needles of a freshly cut Fraser Fir. Best suited for white lights and a cooler theme. 


2. Silver Tip

silver tip artificial christmas tree

With the sparse but modern looking aesthetic, the dark grey undertones of this smoky silver tree will transform your overall interior. Add an icy tone to your tree with blues and white lights to make it look fuller and cooler.


3. Blue Spruce

blue spruce artificial christmas tree

The tips and form of the Classic Blue Spruce branches echo the Colorado Blue Spruce ‘s subtle colour variations and form. The light-grey, blue-green, and moss-green needles are complemented in a brown hue by robust roots. Choose warm colours to emit a warmer tone if going with the Blue Spruce christmas tree. 


4. Balsam Fir

balsam fir artificial christmas tree

With short, flat and long lasting needles, the Balsam Fir Christmas trees are perfect to decorate with shades of green and gold. 


5. Flocked Faux

flocked faux artificial christmas tree

Whether you’re going for a modern or traditional feel, a Flocked Faux Christmas tree is the perfect white tree option. Best with a rustic theme, you can choose to go along with the overall white theme to be consistent with the tree such as using natural rattan garlands and glitter decorative balls. Mixing varying shades of browns, gold, and whites is certain to give you a warm, cozy, and luxurious Christmas space.


6. Nordmann

nordmann artificial christmas tree

Soft needles with a hint of white tints underneath, it goes best along warmer tones such as golds and warmer tones of lights. 


7. Douglas Fir

douglas fir artificial christmas tree

Looking naturally full and cone-shaped, this tree would be quite the hassle to decorate but you’ll definitely have a lot of fun with it. To create a unique glow, use white lights and push them in toward the center of the tree. 


8. Noble Fir

noble fir artificial christmas tree

With dense blue-green needles and well-spaced branches, a noble fir is strong, so to hang off the branches, add larger ornaments. Choose whatever color you like, either a traditional palette like red and silver, burgundy and gold, or blue and silver. Modern palettes include lime green, orange and blue, teal and silver or fuchsia.


9. Scotch Pine

scotch pine artificial christmas tree

Take advantage of a Scotch Pine’s stiff needles by using ornaments and go for warmer tones of colors. Using a rustic looking garland will also add a fuller look to add consistency and match the overall look of the Scotch Pine Christmas tree.


10. White Fir

white fir artificial christmas tree

Boasting long blue-green needles, you can either go with a full white theme or choose to decorate it with hues of gold. (Tip: add red baubles to add a pop of colour) 


11. Virginia Pine

virginia pine artificial christmas tree

A greenish-grey colour, this tree works best against cooler themes. It’s best to keep this tree minimalistic by either following a monochromatic colour pattern, or just simple lights against the wide tufts of the soft needles. 


12. Grand Fir

grand fir artificial christmas tree

With dual stripe needles, dark green on the tops and white underneath, the Grand Fir has a very full form with lighter-duty branches that are best suited for lights, garlands, and ornaments. With its glossy dark green needles, opt for a warmer theme for this Christmas tree.

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