Mason Christmas Tree Review

Mason Christmas Tree Review

2020 so far has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but one thing that stays consistent is the joy that is Christmas. Although celebrations may be a little different this year, we can still enjoy Christmas with family, friends and loved ones (while observing the gathering limitations of course). As the year closes in, it’s time again to celebrate one of the most wonderful times of the year. 

As we all know the perfect Christmas doesn’t come unless it’s celebrated with a perfect Christmas tree. Mason Home Decor provides just that. Mason’s Christmas trees are a must for all customers if you’re looking to buy a premium quality and grade Christmas tree for your household. They provide you with an exceptionally realistic artificial tree at an affordable price. They believe that all Christmas trees should be lively and decorated with sparkly and aesthetically pleasing Christmas decorations, lights, and ornaments. With a convenient and fuss-free delivery service, Mason Home Decor delivers your selected tree to your doorstep and even helps you to assemble it. Not only do they provide you with fast deliveries and convenient setups, but Mason Christmas Tree also does all of this while making sure that you receive your Christmas tree in its best condition.

Variety of Christmas Trees

Mason Christmas Tree

It’s always “The More The Merrier” when it comes to Mason’s Christmas Trees. You will be spoilt for choices with their abundant options of Christmas trees available. From Christmas trees like the Ariostea, Amazzonia, Altaeco and Abaco, what sets them apart from other brands is that all of Mason’s Christmas trees are manufactured with the firtect Technology. This specific technology helps ensure that all of their Christmas trees have easy-open branches, are highly durable with extreme density, and have the perfect shade of colour that makes them look hyper-realistic. It’s important to make sure that you choose the perfect Christmas Tree for the right theme.

For example, if you’re looking for a Christmas tree that doesn’t take up too much space while still having a sleek and slim design, the Altaeco, a slim and dense artificial Colorado Pine Christmas tree is the way to go. The Ariostea Alpine Dense Artificial Christmas Tree is one of their most economical and inexpensive Christmas trees available if you’re looking for a gorgeous one without breaking the bank. 

One of their best sellers include the very unique, Pink Christmas Tree which adds a pop of colour to your household. Although it may be quite an acquired tree, it’s definitely going to start conversations and the compliments will start to roll. 

Value Bundles

Mason Product Bundle

Mason provides Value Bundles at affordable pricing for those who are interested in getting all their Christmas trees and decorations at one place. What’s included in these bundles is, of course the star of the show – the Christmas tree. They also include Pauline baubles, LED string lights and even a tree topper. They offer 5 different bundles for you to choose from with the different types of trees as well as the decorations that work the best with that specific tree. They’ve made it easier on your end because then you don’t have to go out of your way to find a theme for decorations that suits the tree, because we all know how time-consuming that is. 

If you’re looking for something grander and want to captivate the attention of your guest, you can check out the Hyper-Realistic 6 FT Giant Needle Pine (Abaco) Christmas Tree. If that’s not enough decoration for you, you can even add more if you’d like and they will accommodate your specific requests. The bundle can be delivered to you on the same day with free delivery as well as free assembly. They even offer a DIY wreath value bundle that is decorated with some of their signature ornaments that adds to the Christmas spirit. Perfect for wooden doors and adds life to any room. 

Christmas Decorations

Mason Christmas Decorations

When your Christmas tree is all decorated up in all its glory, it will most definitely begin to look a lot like Christmas. One of my personal favorite things to do during Christmas is to spend time with my loved ones to decorate the tree with fancy Christmas ornaments. It’s great for a family bonding activity and it’s always nice to see the tree fully decorated knowing your personal effort went into it. Mason not only gives the option to choose from 5 different types of Christmas ornaments but also includes over 145 different types of variety of each. From the classic tree picks and sprays, Christmas lights, baubles, pine cones and even Christmas tree toppers, the choices are endless! Their Christmas decorations are unique unlike any other and will definitely stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for LED candles, Mason also offers Christmas-inspired candles to set the ambience in your home that are not only pretty, but are super affordable. You can get a beautiful set of Karat Gold LED candles at just $5.90 a piece. 

I personally decorated my Christmas Tree with fairy lights, various pine tree picks, Berry Tree picks, Snow Leaf Spray, iris baubles, mini pine cones and a Langhe – a Scandinavian-inspired tree topper. Suffice to say, we had a blast decorating the tree and were extremely satisfied with the results. What made it even better was the fact that I managed to purchase all the decorations with just a budget of $40, it was a great steal.

Interest-Free Instalment

Nobody is ever a fan of paying interest and at Mason Christmas Tree, you would not need to worry about that as they offer a great interest-free installment plan. There’s no minimum spending required and you can shop with confidence because they even offer a ‘30 Day Risk Free Return.’ 

The steps to this are very simple. Add to the cart the items you wish to purchase. At every product, you will be able to see the broken down installments amount that will be automatically debited from your credit card monthly. Go to checkout, and select HOOLAH as your preferred payment method. Fill in the details and you’re good to go! 

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