10 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas To Try This Year

10 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas To Try This Year

There are numerous ways to bring your Christmas tree to life this holiday season—and create a look that your entire family will enjoy. From DIY Christmas tree lights to homemade Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree toppers galore, we’ve gathered a plethora of beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas that are low-cost, simple to execute, and even simple enough for your children to assist with. They also look great on both real and artificial Christmas trees.

Decorating your Christmas tree each year brings many joys—tradition, nostalgia, holiday cheer—but it can also become a little drab after a while. While a picture-perfect Christmas tree is essential for Christmas, you can still shake things up and go bold with your decor.

These Christmas tree theme ideas will make your home even more festive. We’ll show you how to find your true Christmas tree style and how to show off your family’s personality from skirt to star. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Christmas tree theme ideas that we’ve found so you can get some inspiration! 

  1. Musical Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: Homedit

If your family is musical, this Christmas tree theme might be for you! The use of music notes, instruments, and bells as ornaments immediately conveys the theme of this tree. Winding musical note ribbon through the branches enhances the musical aspect of the tree.

Then, to finish the elegant look, fill in the gaps with gold and silver ornaments and tree picks.

  1. Candy Cane Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: RB Italia Blog

Get creative with the season’s favorite sweet treat! Add your candy canes generously all over you tree for a gorgeous look. This classic tree looks great with red and white striped ribbon as a Christmas decoration. Colorful glass ball ornaments in a variety of coordinating hues complete the look.

Candy cane trees are a festive way to celebrate the season. The theme can be interpreted in a variety of ways. You can decorate solely with red and white ornaments, or add red ornaments to a white flocked tree for a dramatic effect.

  1. Floral Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: Your Home And Garden

Flowers are taking the place of tinsel and bulbs, and we’re not just talking about poinsettias. Some people are using flowers instead of traditional Christmas tree decorations, and we love it. Flowers, unlike ornaments, bring life and vibrant color to your home. 

Begin with faux flowers for a charming Christmas look. The floral Christmas tree trend is one that we adore. Basic bulbs in pastel colors are used as ornaments. Use a flocked tree to make the colors of the flowers pop. Flowers, whether real or artificial, will make a statement on your tree this year.

  1. White Wonder
Photo Credit: Pinterest

White Christmas décor is very refined and gaining popularity quickly for a variety of reasons. For starters, most of us are sick of seeing the same traditional decorations year after year. Second, vintage décor is super cool, and nothing beats a chic white tree for this look. A white tree is unusual, but because white is a neutral color, there are thousands of décor options to try.

Bring the wonder and magic of the holiday season into your home with white Christmas tree decor for an elegant and sophisticated look. This is the season for entertaining in style, so go all out with your holiday decor and try something new to impress your guests.

  1. Scandinavian Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: Essential Home

These trees are quite beautiful and pay homage to a number of Scandinavian traditions, thanks to their sparse branches and minimalist decor. 

Scandinavian holiday decor is all about handmade simplicity that’s inspired by the natural landscape with notes of nostalgia.  This cozy tree features the classic Scandinavian Christmas colors of red and white. To achieve the look, use a variety of Christmas decorations, but keep it consistent by using only red and white items.

  1. Blue & Gold
Photo Credit: Elle Decor

This blue and gold Christmas tree idea will inspire you to use this non-traditional color in your holiday decorations this year. Blue is a cool and calming color, but it works well with a traditional Christmas tree, and the gold adds a gorgeous elegant hue to balance the cool blue tones. There are also many Christmas decorations such as baubles, garlands and tree toppers that are decked out in blue so your decorating may be easier than you think with this color combination! 

  1. Photo Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: Your Home And Garden

Make your tree an excuse to display family photos! You can make Polaroid-style snaps out of them or make them look like tags with festive strings attached.

The holidays are all about family, and this Christmas tree uses DIY photo ornaments to commemorate your most treasured memories. Glue black-and-white or sepia-tone photos atop plain paper shipping tags. The rest of the Christmas tree is kept simple to emphasize the photos.

  1. Vintage Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: Better Homes And Garden

Something about the holiday season evokes a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps it’s the aroma of your favorite childhood cookies baking in the oven, or the abundance of classic Christmas songs playing on the radio. When it’s time for the festive season, add some sentimental vintage decorations to your tree for a fantastic vintage vibe if that’s what you like. You can also use antique toys as under-the-tree decorations. 

  1. Colorful Christmas Trees
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Choose a bright pop of color to serve as the inspiration for your Christmas tree decorations. If you have an accent color in your home, try to incorporate it into your ornament selection. Pink contrasts with snowy white Christmas tree decorations for a cool look that works well with the existing decor.

Alternatively, for a striking, modern focal point, pair an all-white tree with vibrant, neon-colored ornaments.

  1. Metallic Gold Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: Christmasphere

To achieve the metallic look, decorate your Christmas tree with only gold ornaments. Begin with gold ball ornaments and fill in with gold starbursts, gold garlands, and figurines. To enhance the effect, place all of the ornaments on a drop cloth and spray with a layer of glitter paint. Allow to dry before hanging, and you’re done.

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