Christmas Decorations Must-Haves 2022

Christmas Decorations Must-Haves 2022

Perhaps you’ve never decorated for Christmas before, or you want to up your Christmas decor this year.  It can be a little daunting to browse the stores closing in on the holiday season because they are crowded with people doing their shopping.

Maybe you want to stay away from the mayhem, and want to get your Christmas decoration delivered. You’re in luck. We’re going to help ease your Christmas decor list and gather everything you might need or want for the upcoming Christmas period! There are all must-haves in our opinion for the perfect Christmas decor. 

But what will be the most popular Christmas decorating styles in 2022? We have compiled a list of essential Christmas decorating supplies to get the celebrations started. Learn about the most popular color schemes for Christmas decorations and the design fads that will add a unique touch to the festivities.

Prepared to deck the halls this holiday season?  This list includes everything you might want, from the tree to the Christmas garlands hidden in the back of the store room, to make your holiday décor beautiful. 

  1.  Christmas Tree

The main showstopper, the centerpiece of your home. Of course we’re going to start with the number 1 must have – The Christmas Tree. Without a Christmas tree in your home, it isn’t Christmas. You can’t celebrate Christmas without putting up an evergreen tree to decorate in your family room and placing gifts underneath it, no matter how modest. We recommend an artificial Christmas tree because they’re easy to set up, last a lifetime, and look just as good as the real one. You also don’t have to worry about it getting messy because their tips are fairly secure and you’ll be doing less cleaning compared to an actual live Christmas tree. Flocked Christmas trees are the current trend as well so you might want to explore that option. 

  1. Christmas Ornaments 
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Choose Christmas ornaments that have special meaning for you (such as ornaments from your favorite vacation spots) or stick with a certain design theme. Get a new set of decorations; there are many hues available if you’re unsure where to begin or want to try a new look. If this is something you’re looking for, Christmas ornaments that are shatter-proof for children and pets are also available.

They are also great to use as household decor. Why not use those lovely trinkets to add a glittering touch to your decor? You can hang them from bedheads, curtain rods, door handles, or a branch when you take them off the tree.

  1. Christmas Wreath 
Photo Credit: theAsianParent

Any Christmas decoration scheme must include the Christmas wreath. Wreaths are lovely circular accents that enhance the appearance of any door they are hung on. Although they are frequently used on front doors, wreaths can also be used on interior doors. To help guests find the restroom, hang a cheery holiday wreath on the door. Evergreens, berries, and other organic materials can be used to make wreaths. Your options are endless and you can put your own little creative spin on it. 

  1. Christmas Lights
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A dazzling string of lights has a way of making a house feel warm and inviting. Keep the Christmas spirit alive by keeping your lights up all year; they will give your home a festive mood and make everything look much cozier and intimate. 

  1. Pine Cones
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Pine cones are a fantastic option for decorating and are typically simple to find. You can build a wreath out of pine cones, link them together with twine, or arrange them in jars or cloches. Add some finishing touches with gold glitter or create snowy effects with glue and Epsom salts.

  1. Poinsettias
Photo Credit: BlueGrayGirl

A popular Christmas decorating theme is poinsettias. These vivid crimson blossoms are especially well-liked over the holiday season. You can hang these around the house or use them to decorate your front entrance! 

  1. Advent Calendars 
Photo Credit: The Idea Room

The Advent calendar is a fun way to keep track of how many days are left till Christmas. The majority of advent calendars have little doors that can be opened to display an image, a specific product, or tiny gifts like sweets. The custom dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when German Protestants marked the days leading up to Christmas with chalk marks on doors or lit candles. Although Advent calendars come in a wide variety of styles, the ones that include a tiny gift are the best because it makes the days towards Christmas go buy a lot faster and makes it more exciting each day. 

  1. Candles
Photo Credit: SugarPlum Dreams

Christmas-themed candles are the ideal accent to make your home smell like Christmas! You can utilize a wide variety of scents to create a wonderful festive atmosphere. Additionally, you can utilize tiny Christmas votives as your table centerpiece.

  1. Lighted Gift Boxes
Photo Credit: My Deal

Why just hang lights from the tree? Add some below it as well. The last touch your tree skirt needs are these illuminated gift boxes. These add a little bit more magic to the whole scene, regardless of when the rest of your presents end up under the tree — accumulating before Christmas or all at once on Christmas morning. They sell these lighted gift boxes or you don’t want to purchase these, you can just string fairy lights around the presents as well. 

  1. Mistletoe
Photo Credit: The Spruce

Sharing a kiss under the mistletoe plant, one of the more romantic Christmas decorations, is said to offer the pair blessings and good fortune. For a hint of holiday romance, hang mistletoe above the doorway separating two rooms! 

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